11 June, 2010

gonna travel and feeling down

yey! im done with my training!Thanks God! i feel happy at last im back with my normal routine in life but i miss my manager and colleagues and my everyday routine at work. oh life.. i felt sad and my heart melts when my manager said some touching words and advice.. im gonna miss them. huhuhu.. feel wanna cry that night before i leave, our bartender hugged me so tight and our manager cooked a yummy dinner for me.. grrrr..and our bartender, first time in my life that i tried to drink a mixed of whisky, rhum, tequila and vodka, with slice of lemon our bartender gave me a straight shots of this before i finish my duty... they told me it's bring good luck..lol! but i still love the taste of tequila rose, its yummy sweet. Thats how they love me, they're the first one who forced me to try those hard liqours,tsk..tsk..i enjoyed my days working with them even though sometimes i had a hard times dealing with some people around me and i felt annoyed sometimes and they make me cried but most of them help me to cope with the situation during the time that i had problem... im a very serious person at work. im working 11 hours everyday for almost 2 weeks. well, im just trying to kill myself.

and now i feel not okey, i have colds.. i went to the saloon today to cut my hair, wheeww..new hair style for a changed. i feel down and sad nowadays, i feel empty and bored. i want to change my environment, im gonna travel out of country this coming weeks. im alone as usual, and just want to enjoy life being alone in this life. feel kinda tired being like this but im still searching for the answer of all the questions i have till now. im still confused and wondering.

nowadays i dont feel happy, feel wanna stay in a place where i can relax and recharge my mind and myself. i feel tired of thinking some things that i know its impossible to happen. hope everything will be fine and i will be fine soon.

Thanks God for all the blessings, strenghts and courage..

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