30 June, 2010

telco CS! so frustrating

A good day to all!

I have problem with my mobile number, my simcard got problem since last sunday, i called the cs of the company and they told me i need to wait for 3 to 5 working days before they could give me the cause of the poblem of my sim why it has no service - in short i cant get any satellite signal from them. my mobile itself has no problem coz i checked it and the only has a problem was my simcard.

and i also inquire if i can activate my old number so that i can use it again, but unfortunately they told me they dont have any access and program to activate it again, so the only thing i can do for now is to apply and buy a new simcard. i was wondering whats wrong with this telco coz they dont have any access to checked what happend to my card, until now i cant use it. they have poor system program.

argghhh... so frustrating.

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