27 June, 2010

questions?? so many questions that dont find the answer yet!

Whatta lonely days for me, not only days but weeks!.. i just feel lonely this past weeks. I attend mass tonight and i went to my fave place and stayed for an hour there, i want to feel better. I dunno why im still out of my senses nowdays. Im thinking of something different, its about my life and plan for the next coming year, since time passing too quickly, i need to plan ahead of time for advance preparations. I feel kinda bored with my everyday routine in life and I want some changes, a total make over!

I went out without bringing umbrella, so here i am again, coughing and have little cold, the weather nowadays too bad.

I talked to one of my new friend when i got home, and we had a nice conversation. i learned something new today shared by a good friend.Thanks! I end up listening to music tonight, i still not feel okey. why i feel like this??? Am not living in a lonely world..but why i dont feel the happiness? boredom killing me little by little!

There's a lot of blessings to be thankful for. Thanks God for all the blessings, for the courage, and strenght.

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