15 June, 2010

is that happiness really matters? what would you do if youre in her situation?..

what will you do?

Last saturday i had dinner with one of my friend and she open up the topic about her soon husband to be and their situation, she's having problem now, she said she's not happy and she want her freedom back, she feel different and she really want her life back like before that she has freedom to do everything that she want, she has her own time that wherever she want to go she can go, unlike now she said everything is changed and she feel bored and tired the life she has now, and she tried to broke up with this guy but this guy didnt want to let her go coz she feel she dont have any feelings of love for this guy anymore. i never meet her husband to be yet so i cant say anything about her situation. haissstt poor guy! lol..

> as she is one of my friend and she is closed to my heart, ofcourse i feel pity for her coz she is having hard time in her situation, even im willing to help her, i feel i cant do anything for her coz i dont know the guy, i never meet her bf yet, and besides its really hard to interfere with the relationships of other people eventhough she is my frend, i think its unethical to mind their personal life, but if she really want to leave this guy she can do, ofcourse shes the only one who can decide for her life and not anyone else.

> are you willing stay in a relationship with someone if day by day you feel you are not happy?

>would you still love the person if you feel you dont have freedom to do anything that you want?

>would you still stay in a relationship if only one side has a love and not both of you?

>how far would you fight for the freedom that you want to get back?

>are you willing to take a risk whatever happens?

>are you willing to bear the pain, sadness when the relationship come to the extent of ending it.

>how strong you are leaving the person whom became part of your life and seeing him got hurt just becoz of the freedom you want?

>do you think you will be happy if you know that you badly hurt someone else feelings?

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