15 June, 2010

random thoughts

Hallooo!. just got time to make a post. i was bit busy this past days due to some reasons that can't avoid in my everyday life. At last i had time to visit my fave place, just got time to relax and to sleep all night all day, its 24/7..lol! Ahmmm... im just on vacation for a week, so i need to enjoy every minute of it after a long months of working without a vacation, so, i shouldnt spoil those free time i have now. i feel bit okey now, just feel kinda sad and bored. There's something that makes me feel sad and bad. Im going to start my bittersweet revenge soon, lol ;), just wait and see what will gonna happen in the next few weeks.


I really love the weather here.. oh! i really love rainy season.its kinda romantic, is there something special with the rain? yes! coz it makes my day and inspired me. i remember those old times with my cousins and siblings. it brings back those childhood memories, its like candies and gummy candies that everytime i went to the candy store the first things comes on my mind was my childhood memories and my friends when i was a kiddo.

btw, i got sms from the people who cares but i didnt sent any reply coz im not in the mood to talk to anyone nowadays, i want to be alone and to relax, i dont want to talk to my friend for the meantime, I called it, "me time", they already understand if my status is like that. means i want to be alone.

I went to the mall tonight, I bought some stuffs and while having my dinner alone i saw the brother of my frend Ali, my god why everytime i saw him, he always staring at me? it makes me wonder and awkward, ahmmm..wanna ask my frend if why his brother is like that, maybe he want to approach me but he doesnt know how to do so because im kinda snob. and i never greet or even smile to a person whom not my friend, i dont care even they smile at me or they greet me. rule: "dont talk to stranger". but his older brother is nice person, all of them in the family were nice, as i remember he was the one who served me the food during his niece birthday, FYI: i was invited..lol!

Thanks God for the strenghts and courage and for taking care of my love ones and to those people whom i care about..

just thinking now what to do for tomorrow.

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