05 July, 2010

projects and other issue

Good Day!

Im quite busy nowadays, i have so much things to do. I need to make a business plan as one of my project. This is the first time that I will make a plan for a big business establishment and i feel kinda nervous. Its a huge project and need some focus on it, everything is on my hand now. Hope I'll make it. It makes my day like a roller coaster ride. And we have a convention this coming September and we're looking for a sponsor, we just wait for the approval to send the letter to those company who is willing to be part of our convention. Hope it ends well.
so, if i will be not around means im busy with a lots of works.

I only have almost 3 months to finish everything, its another stressful months to come and sleepless nights. :) Need to prepare some panadol for headache..lol.
I still have another project proposal to finish..haissttt..

I think I dont have time to enjoy my day due to this projects.

in other news,
I visited my colleauges and manager where i had my training the past months, i was surprised, seems they missed me a lot, my manager hugged me and asked me this questions: "hows everything with u?" "are you okey now?" after a month of not seeing them since i finished my training, i thought they wont recognize me again and they will ignore me. i was wrong coz theyre so nice to me. I feel missin their company, those sad and happy moments that i had with them, ill never forget their kindness and support that i got from them during my training. I had a wonderful days with them and i learned a lot from them and from the people around me during those training days we had. its such one of my bitter sweet journey in life. During my training a lot of things happend to me and they're the one who lift my spirit and help me to cope with the situation.
A lot of things changed now and im still on the process of coping with the situation i have now, its difficult but if you see the good side of what had happend it gives me such fulfillment. I dont want to feel bad because I know everything happens for a reason. If i failed to get what I really wanted thats fine,, i think there is still a good plan for me in the future, just be patience and hope for the best.
I have a lot of things to be thankful for than to feel sad.
Thanks God for everything!

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