31 March, 2011

my heart desires

Life Changes, goes up and down
you never know until it comes around.
We try to smile thru good and bad
depend on friends to keep away sad.
The journey is long, the road is rough
faith and hope will be enough.
Don't waste a day in anger or regret
keep joy in your heart, your needs will be met.

I feel sad tonight and I can't really explain what happening to me. I feel bored and lonely. I want change my environment to recharge. I went out tonight and had dinner in my fave resto and have a cup of tea while having a conversation with one of my friend. We talked about her vacation leave from work due to her delivery for her 2nd baby. She is 8 mos pregnant but still she is working and sometimes shes working for 16 hours. I was surprised and sometimes I asked myself if I can manage myself working while pregnant (if incase in the near future i will be one). Hope all of my heart desires will be grant soon.. praying and hoping..

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