12 October, 2010

thanks God

I just read a reply message from our dean..and my heart melt when i read it, a very inspiring message.:) that touch my heart. a person who care much for our future being a head person in our department. thanks a lot for the guidance and for sharing ur knowldge to us. we love u always our bubbly dean..

Thanks God for the patience, courage and wisdom at last  im done with our finals, it give me too much pressured and stress..paper works and project report. Goodbye to a stressful life. Its vacation time once again. hope to enjoy my free time. i havent notice that its  mid of October now, that was we're busy are these past few weeks. missing everybody! i havent talk to my frends this past few weeks. hope to catch up with them soon..

now, i ahve free time to post all of our activities and my adventures.. :) 

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