02 September, 2010

rainy thursday evening

Its a rainy thursday! lovely weather.

im not so happy this past few days, lot of things happend that makes me feel sad and wonder. there were times that its really hard for me to cope with the situation that i didnt expect to happen. its a personal things that sometimes i feel im walking in a middle of nowhere and i dunno what is goin on. but im thankful that this things happend coz it made me a strong person and taught me a lot of things in life.

Practical exam was done, and start preparing for our finals, to plan an event for international cuisines and to set up the function room with the different cuisines around the globe.its interesting but its kind a nervous things to do, we need to plan for it, to set up and to cook the recipe and the final thing is there are judges for the event who will rank us.

Not yet done for my compilation project in cuisines, give me hard time coz its not allowed to get an idea on the net, we need to find a book and get all the info from there.

This coming monday, our group are goin to present our community project proposal. hope it ends well and we will get the approval of the panel judges.

preparing for exams this weekend till next week.

so much things to do..arrgghhh... my brain is drained now.

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