11 September, 2010

whatta bad day but im still blessed

Its a brand new day but i'm still awake just finished my homework that gives me too much headache. Im craving for something to eat, ahmmm.. in the middle of the night? I woke up late, since its holiday and nothing to do, but in the afternoon time i went to the church to attend mass, its almost 2 weeks that i didnt go anywhere, i was busy doing some projects, and other things in university.

whilst on my way to the mall tonight, something got my attention, ahhhm PDA? yes public display of affection, cuddling, kissing in public. After attending mass and this kinda of scene you will see around, its kinda irritating, its like a devil is just around, and anytime will attack you lol. well, i think i was just sensitive today thats why it caught my attention and besides i just attended mass and i feel refresh and in a sudden way i'll see this scenario on the street. haisttt, sad to say but a lot of things changed.

and while having a cup of tea and sweets in my fave place, a group of teenage friends were very noisy, talking so loud and laughing so loud that seems like they are on their own house. and it makes me feel irritated,. its okey to do such things if you're in your own home and not in the public places. i think its an over react laughing on something nonsense. learn on how to minimize your voice. sigh..

i feel i wanna shout and say could you please shut up people and give me peace..hahaha! i feel annoyed. yes, im not a loud kind of person, i prefer to keep silent and just listen, and most especially i never shout even im pissed off or in different conversation with my friends, im still calm even i feel i want to burst out.

Silence please..
and above all of this i feel better now my friend working in my fave place gave me a drinks that could help cure my cough..i feel relieved a bit.

Thanks god for all the blessings, courage and strenght and for always guiding us.

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