22 September, 2010

discovering the hidden paradise of the south










I discovered this place recently through one of my friend, i feel kinda curious about it and i start asking my friend about the place and how it look like and how to get there if you wanna visit the place.seems like im outdated of what happening in this province where i live since birth. oh, just noticed how time fly so fast, its been almost 1o years now that i live in the city and i visited province once in a blue moon only, the last time i visit my mom place was 2 or 3 years ago and i never heard about this place from a friend when i was there, recently while watching tv i saw those advertisement about the place, and yes its a beautiful place, a hidden paradise that amaze me, a counterpart of boracay island in the south, to those who want to visit the place i recommend this one. such a lovely place to relax, far away from the noisy, busy and stressful city.

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