26 September, 2010

i need inspiration and some rest to recharge

i need some inspiration and medicine for the stressed. :(

I feel exhausted nowadays. Its hard for me to cope with the hectic sched i have now. If this garden what you can see around in your hommie every morning when you wake up, i think, everyday is a refreshing day, no worries waiting ahead of you and its really inspiring. yes, i feel not good this week and really my life has full of stressed. I need to feel okey but how?argghhh, whatta life i have now? too much stressed, annoying people around, people who give me those non stop stress and I still have lots of things that need some attention. I need some more strenght, courage and patience. im pissed off.. This is the first time i feel this way and i think its really to much and i cant take it anymore.. i really need some rest to relax my mind and to recharge.

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