28 July, 2010

not feeling well and wounds that cause pain

Quite busy, i dont have enough time to stayed long online. Im not feeling well since last week and yesterday while am outside and walking on the way home i feel dizzy and something bad happend to me, i just get back on my senses when i feel the pain on my legs and knees and saw little blood on it and bruises.. so today, im suffering from pain because of the wounds i got.

what happening to me? is it the sign saying that i should stop working and focus only on one thing?? aaarrgghhh...i might abused my health of doing a lot of things and i dont have enough time to rest. so, i need to change everything.

we made gazpacho soup today and ewww..the taste so disgusting.. i really dont like the smell and the taste of it.

Thanks God for everything! I need more strenght and patience..

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