10 July, 2010

my sweet hello and new job

Hello everyone!

Its morning now but im still awake, just done doing my project (its just one of my projects.) I still have so much projects that needed my attentions. I have new work now coz I was assigned as a secretary, so its another thing that makes my day busy doing some scheds for meetings and other important things. Gossshhh, my dear sir, why oh why? you gave me now a lots of responsibilities.

Finally, I came up on a decision to change my mobile number because my old one didnt worked and the telco didnt fixed it and i cant use it anymore, so, to all my friends who sent me message or trying to call me, try to message me with my other number .. Im sorry, soon i will send you my new mobile no. just quite busy now and dont have much time for other things even checking my mobile. i skip my meal sometimes coz of busy scheds.

to all my friends;
just wait for my sweet hello on your mobile screen. xoxo.

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