12 May, 2010

im back - i miss everything

hey yah! im off at work today so i have enough time to stay long online. I was quite busy the past weeks due to my training in our class subject in university, im having hard times nowadays it's a new environment for me and i need some adjustment to cope with the situation. In a short weeks of working my eyes became wide open in a real world of people who love night life. I discovered a lot of things, its just happened that i never been visit any hotel bar eversince and its a new environment for me to work here but i enjoyed working with them because i learned a lot from them (employee's in a bar) and those knowledge and experience in a real world of hospitality i cant get that from university itself without the actual/ hands on - training, we have intelligent bartender.wheww.but all of them were nice.

New environment, friends, colleagues and people around me. The first day of my work here i feel wanna give up coz its really hard to adjust with the environment coz i dont used to this kind of place, but later on I enjoyed working with them. They told me im very sensitive person and strict, thats their impression of me..lol! oh yeah, im kinda, but now they love me and taking care of me at work, lol. Being sensitive is part of my life, im a very sensitive person since before and its hard for me to change it and being fierce is not my attitude, as they said im a very soft spoken person and sometimes its not good. yay! do i need to evaluate myself?? so that i would know my weaknesses and strenght, again?? lol!

I know myself but of course sometimes people around you can help also to improved ourselves to become successful one. Im a very open minded person and I accept criticism and I listen to advices of the people who care for me but when it comes to my personal life i never let anyone to intervene or to say something coz its easy for me to get upset when my personal life is the issue. im very sensitive when it comes to my personal life. so dont ask me.

Since I start my training work I dont have enough time to go anywhere, its really different from my job, I really miss the place where i used to relax everytime i feel sad and stress, i miss my bed coz i only have 5 or 6 hours of sleep and my everyday routine. I miss my lappy and the time im doing some posts, my brain sometimes didnt function coz i dont have enough time to read. I miss everything that i used to do, haissstt.. a little patience and after a weeks im almost done the training and go back to the normal life. til next posts. happylovely is signing off.

Thanks God for all the blessings and courage and wisdom.

Have a blessed week everyone.

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