02 May, 2010

enjoying my work - i love watermelon and dark chocolate with almonds

These makes me happy and complete my days..i do really love this much.

Yay! today im off at work.. i can sleep all day, after those tiring days at work and need some rest and the weather here really bad. yesterday i have migraine, haisstt too bad, im at work and i need to take medicine just to feel okay.

Im enjoying my work, i shift my workplace, im still on adjustment stage because the place is new for me but i enjoy my days here and i have lots of fun with my colleagues and i met new friends here also, and our manager is a very cool person so its easy for me to get along with them. When i first met our bartender i thought he was a snob kind of person but i was wrong, he is a cool person and very funny. The only problem is i got home late at night because of my time sched, but it was okey the important thing for me is i enjoy my work.


Since im always busy at work i never open our fridge at home, coz when i got home, i took a shower and preparing to go to the bed and sleep. Today, when i open our fridge i saw a watermelon inside, my sister didnt tell me that she bought one, makes me feel happy, i really love watermelon, i feel really happy because of watermelon, its yum yum.. lol. and she bought also a dark chocolate with almonds, whew i love chocolates also, this two are my comfort food, everytime i feel not okey i go to the supermarket just to buy it, since im always at work i didnt know what we have inside the fridge and i didnt know also that sis bought some groceries coz most of the time im the one who buy whatever we need at home, i just dont have time nowadays and im always not at home so i didnt check everything, and when i woke up this morning my sis cooked our favorite food, shrimp..yay! i eat too much today. i love you sis! you made my day!.

I got time to check my mails and stay online a bit long and make a posts..lol!
Thanks God for all the blessings, for the happiness, guidance, wisdom and courage.
have a blessed week everyone!

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