01 May, 2011

perfect partner hot coffee, tea or chocolat..

Last friday was the last day of those trainees in university from Vela Co. an oil tanker company, if im not mistaken from mid east. They baked  different types of breads and pastries, their trainees have different work division and schedules and theyre very well organized and responsible. The chef who trained them was very strict and very talented chef and ofcourse they let us taste all the food they cooked and pastries they baked and it was YUMMY perfect.. but not allowed to take a pictures of their masterpieces.

and I remember this pictures we baked sometime ago when I saw the trainess pastries and bread.

mini breads with different shapes

corn muffins with cheeze

 with mung bean inside

Actually I dont eat bread that much because it makes me feel weak especially during my busy days and I have a lot of things to do. So I prefer to have a heavy meal than bread.

hot fresh from the oven


last friday we are invited in university commencement 2011 , some of 3rd year students, I and my classmates were the ushers that day in 2011 commencement I was almost fainted because I'm starving, the program starts noon time and we didn't had our lunch yet, because the said program supposedly starts at 10:30m but almost past 11am did'nt start yet. We waited for long hours, past 7 am we already in university and waiting for the driver who will pick up us going to the venue but unfortunately after an hour and half the driver is not yet around, we feel so annoyed, we take a cab going to the venue, we don't have any choice. And we are late, well, good for them (organizer) because I saw the driver just sitting down in the corner, instead of picking up us in unversity. So frustrating. sigh. And besides they dont pay us, our help given to them was free but at the end they blamed us for being late, it wasn't our fault because their driver keep us waiting and not inform us early, bad driver..


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Sanjay Gajjar said...

Delicious...what a cake...