25 January, 2011

A Food Traveller

I was busy today and bit tired. I had 2 cups of tea tonight..argghh..too bad. I feel so stressed. I had so much things to finish tonight and to do for the next few days, time passing too quickly. While thinking those projects I watch food travel and it makes me feel better.

Oh, I really love Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain. They are one of those well known Food Traveller Chef who travel in different country to discover different cuisines from different countries they visit. I love every episode of this show and its very interesting and entertaining, from best of the best cuisines, exotic foods, and those aphrodisiacs and what are the story behind of each cuisines. Ahmm..sounds interesting being a food traveller chef. Preparing for tomorrow vietnamese cuisines.

Thats all for now, I feel kind a sleepy now.


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