02 January, 2011

Hello 2011..

Goodbye 2010 and say HELLO to 2011!

Last year I had so much troubles that changed my life and what I called "me". I never expected that all those things happend could bring such changes most in my life.

since its a new year and a new life and new beggining to everybody's life and for myself also, i never ever made any resolutions for my life those years that passed but now im very proud to say that everything i will change in my life.

I will be optimistic,more patience,

work hard,

save more for the future,

 study hard, to gain more knowledge

always think things and life in a positive way,

I will be happy always and

laugh out loud like no one's watching, love like I've never been hurt,

living in  a healthy lifestyle,

think all of my future plans and make it in real "soon"

to be more active in any activities that will bring out a good benefit not only for myself but to those people around me.

forgive and forget and always be thankful to GOD for what I have and what I dont have.

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