30 June, 2011

I am surround by those lovely people I called my true friends..

We owe it to ourselves as women to cultivate our friendships, encourage each other dreams and understand our commonalty. It is through these bonds that we find ourselves.

I am most myself when I am surrounded by my friends. We nourish one another with kind words and laughter. We plead each other's cases and believe in each other's dreams. My friends provide me with strenght, hope and love. I need them and they need me.

When life gets hectic, I'll make my friendships a priority. I'll let my friends nurture me when I feel distrught. I lean on their shoulders when times are tough. I'll create friendships that are built on companionship, support and unconditional caring and love. True friendship is a beautifier of mind, body and spirit. It completes our life and makes us beautiful.
I'm back, after couple of weeks that haven't update my online diary. I have so many worries now and busy sorting out things (personal issue in my life).Today I feel bit exhausted, take a nap and woke up after an hour and I decide to go out and visit my friends to change my mood and environment, have a cup of latte, it feels good talking to my friends especially in my situation now. I am bothered most of the time and confused about things that happens. I am still shocked.
Most of the time now I rely to my friends and I am blessed enough to have them because they never leave me during my worst times, everytime I need them to comfort me and make me feel relieve they're always there for me with open arms, listening to me and wipe my fears and tears when times I didn't control my tears to fall down and I am afraid. Now, I know who my real friends are  and who are those who just pretend to be my friend and their intentions is just to mess up my life. I learned a lot from what happend and now I only have few of  them whom I call "true friends" they are the people whom I know I can trust whatever may happens and I will keep them forever.
To those people I am talking about, they know who you are; Thank you so much for the friendship, care, love, understanding and for helping me to cope with what I am going through now and for always being there for me everytime I need a friend to talk to and to hold me. I am very blessed and thankful that I have those I called "true friends in my life".

ms. M

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