30 December, 2011

showcase of showpieces

Tonight while browsing some files I saw this pictures I save few months back, this is taken from an exhibit contest. Students from different universities and colleges showcase their masterpieces in Creative Cake Decorations and
heres are some of the pictures:

Oh, by the way, it's a real cake in different decorations

Before the year end and my days and months become busy next year I spare a little of my free time to posts these pictures  I had this year. I feel lazy to make a posts the past few days and I am suffering from severe headache, sometimes I have severe migraine and it irritates me. I'm preparing for New Year celebration. I remove all the clutter in my home sweet home all the things that we don't need, as you know my sister kept a lot of things and some I threw it since she don't need those things anymore, :).

Thanks God for all the Blessings!

to be continue..

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